getting legit with marla joy

Because who’s gonna give better girl advice than a hot one…

by Josh Madden

Our good friend, music industry guru Damon Degraff, told us this summer that he had something cooking and would share when it was time. We knew whatever it was, it would be on-point. When we've seen Degraff from time to time we'd ask, "Hey man, when are you gonna tell us more about 'that thing'?" And finally last week, the dude, who does not disappoint, linked us with the new artist he's been working with and they shared some unreleased good.

Her name is Marla Joy, she's from Canada, and her look is as sexy and tough as her sound. After checking out some of her newest tunes and talking with her some, we're really stoked to see her live--because that's where we're told she really shines. Without being too forward (but being totally forward), we asked this tenderoni to give us some insight into what we could do to impress her. Seriously, who's gonna give you better tips on getting legit with a hot chick--than a hot chick?

In all seriousness, check out Joy's Soundcloud HERE, and watch the video for her song "Tragedy" below, and tell us we aren't on to something. You can follow her on Twitter HERE and stalk her (we kid, we kid) on Facebook HERE. The ten tips below are word for word, straight from the singer herself, so if you use these moves and can thank her.

Get Legit with Marla

-During mid phone convo,or a lull during a session of text flirting, randomly apologize for your lack of attention- "you were just online looking to see if there was any more info on when the new Dead Weather album was coming out, you think "Cut Like A Buffalo", and "Hustle and Cuss", sung by Mosshart is as sexy as it gets."

-Yes, you did watch the Victoria Secret Fashion Show, it was hot, but at the end of the day Kate Moss is your idea of perfection.

-While firmly gripping your bottle of domestic, (while wearing a black cotton t-shirt, and minimal wooden and or silver jewelry) you agree there are definitely musicians that you love from the past decade-but the late 60's have your heart. In fact, you still can't believe Richie Haven's was human based on his improvised "Motherless Child/Freedom" from Woodstock.

-What do you do in your spare time? look for vintage finds at the Brooklyn Flea of course, and love to read and watch music bio's, leading in to subtle question "Have you read Neil Young's new book? its as if he's talking to you".

-Sometimes, you just love to come home from work and pick up your acoustic to clear your mind...modestly "I'm not any good", and maybe cook something (ok granted this might be a personal thing, and have nothing to do with the list...but its hot, so just learn how to cook)

-As much as the beach, or an island vacay would be incredible, you just can't help picturing you and your girl on a cross country road trip, with Zeppelin blaring, (Over the Hills and Far Away) the windows open, and funny see it in an old VW! (there is definitely a dog somewhere in this picture)

-Your knowledge of the blues scene from the 40's and 50's is impeccable, and for this reason you are able to really shed light on where Jack White, Gary Clark Jr, The Black Keys, etc (you know better than to mention Jack White and The Black Keys in the same sentence...acknowledge this) are so heavily influenced by. Mention these names: Robert Johnson, Arthur King, BB King.

-(This may be another personal call, but my own research has shown its pretty accurate ) You dig Hip Hop. The Roots, Tribe, Jay-Z, They have swag. Real swag, Mick Jagger swag (not the new kind defined by gold and sparkly such objects). The swag you can't define. And its raw, and real, and you are definitely into raw and real. (keep these words in heavy rotation in your vocabulary and use them often in conversation...not too much, its annoying)

- The Last Waltz is the only VHS tape you still own, you can't let it go.

-You still listen to "Maybe I'm Amazed", and "A Day In The Life", and are convinced without a doubt McCartney, and Lennon were, and are not human. subtle mention "Have you heard Cornell's cover?"