GFOTY’s “VIPOTY” Video Is Exactly What Music Needs Today

Like, finally

Someone once said that music isn't good these days. That someone is wrong. There are musicians like GFOTY—aka Girlfriend Of The Year—who are pushing the boundaries of electronic music, and performance and video art. They're in their own PC Music world, which, admittedly, is a confusing one, but intoxicating too. It's subversive, and GFOTY's "VIPOTY" is a prime example of how good it can be.

"Prepare yourself for the most Heartbreaking Story Of The Year," the press release for "VIPOTY" reads. "Watch and learn as an obsessive loser called Polly tries to steal GFOTY’s hunky boyfriend Chad, and pays the price when she downs her final GFOTYBUCKS Chocolate Cream Frappuccino." If it sounds like you're on the outside of some inside joke, it's because you kind of are. Watch the video and you'll come to understand a bit more. This isn't a music video per se, but a mini movie soundtracked by GFOTY's new music. It's an extension of her world—a world that's pop and underground; bright and hardcore; campy; a 21st-century pulp fiction if you will. The drama is palpable. The vibe is just right. 

GFOTY has even taken "VIPOTY" one step further by building a life-size VIPOTY network. There's an app coming soon, too. In the meantime, her EP is streaming, which provides a nice intro to her world—one that we're totally lost in. Hello, from the other side. It's wonderfully futuristic here.