gigi gorgeous stars in miley cyrus’ #instapride campaign

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    by · June 18, 2015

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    Last week, Miley Cyrus and Happy Hippie teamed up with Instagram and launched #InstaPride, a campaign to share transgender men and women’s stories. So far, the organization has showcased transgendered activist Leo Sheng, agender writer Tyler Ford, and now, Gigi Gorgeous.

    Gorgeous has been one of the decade’s biggest figureheads in the transgender movement. After beginning as a beauty vlogger on YouTube at the age of 16, Gorgeous publicly transitioned into becoming a woman. She shared her entire journey with her viewers, openly discussing her surgeries and thoughts. She first virally identified herself as transgender woman in her video, “I Am Transgender,” which has garnered over 2.6 million views. The 23-year-old has since become an ally to other transgender teens, communicating with them and offering her words of support.

    “I identify as a hetrosexual girl,” Gorgeous told Happy Hippie. “I am always asked, ‘How long have you known you were a girl inside your body and mind? Have you always known?’ I’ve always, always known.”

    “I felt really free to be myself after I posted my ‘I Am Transgender’ video on YouTube,” she added. “It was the hardest journey emotionally and physically I’ve ever been through, and it meant the world to me to have their words of encouragement every step of the way. Acceptance and support is just validation for me that I am on the right path and did make the right decision for me, because people are seeing it for what it is.”

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