gillette deodorant pressure points training program

Train like a NFL prospect…

by Christian Lavery


It's 95 degrees and sunny, but for some reason in Arizona that equates to the most comfortable climate you could imagine. It’s a good thing, too. I’m standing outside the

EXOS training facility

—the esteemed establishment where top athletes like Robert Griffin III and Curt Schilling have gone to train—gearing up to embark on a three-day physical excursion aimed at providing everyday folks with a little taste of what top NFL prospects go through while preparing for sports most enduring job interview, AKA the NFL Combine.

Thanks to “The Gillette Deodorant Pressure Points Sweepstakes powered by Wonderlic,” eight of us would be experiencing the serious physical stress as a team. But, let’s not look past the mental aspect that started this whole journey. As part of its contest,


released a customized version of the Wonderlic, which would give fans the opportunity to punch their ticket to EXOS. So needless to say, those who made the cut packed their trainers and were ready to get to work.

At the facility, world-class trainers took us under their instruction from the moment we arrived—breaking everything down to a science and having us do exercises that would translate to the drills themselves. We're talking about everything from the 40-yard dash to the vertical and broad jump, to the 3-cone drill and the shuttle run. But the training itself was only a fraction what we experienced. Add into the equation nutritionists, on-site chefs, and specialists aimed at helping you reach your goals, and you're sure to leave with a few more pounds of muscle then what you arrived with.

After the full three days of workouts, body soreness that lasted way longer, and an overall experience you won’t get anywhere else, it’s safe to say we won't be one of the 254 players that will be picked tonight in the 2014 NFL Draft. As for those who will, see what they went through leading up to their big night


, through Gillette’s “Pressure Points” series as they followed Jadeveon Clowney, Eric Ebron, and Aaron Murray in their prep.