warpaint has got us in their undertow.

by liza darwin

Los Angeles band Warpaint has been a long time in the making. The project of friends who have been playing together for years and known each other for much longer, the all-girl quartet is hitting the musical scene with captivating, layered tracks that are somehow atmospheric and totally intimate at the same time.

According to singer and guitarist Emily Kokal, the group was a natural result of a musical childhood. "Theresa [Wayman, who does vocals and guitar] and I met when we were 11 years old and did choir together in Oregon," she said. "We became best friends pretty instantly, and later moved to L.A. together, where we met Jen."  After connecting with Jenny Lee Lindberg [vocals, bass] and meeting Stella Mozgawa [drums, keyboard] in 2009, it's pretty obvious the rest was history.

Although their debut album, The Fool, had gathered serious hype before it was released in October, Kokal said the buzz didn't affect the friends. "I think we're all pretty good about enjoying the process of what we're doing and ignoring everything else," she said. "Hype is much less satisfying to go off of than actually doing the music for what it is."

Even though Warpaint is still in the early stages as a band (relatively speaking, anyway), they've got major plans for the future that including briefly breezing through the East Coast this winter before hitting Australia early next year. We're telling you now: prepare to get swept away.

Get in on the action early....stream The Fool in its entirety here!