girls season 4 looks insane

the girls grow up…or at least try to!

by sara tardiff

We've come a long way since Hannah Horvath told her parents how lucky they were she wasn't a drug addict...and then proceeded to accidentally black out on some hash-laced tea.

And it seems like the Girls girls are finally ready to grow up. Well, kind of. The new behind-the-scenes look at Season 4 shows how our favorite misguided 20-somethings are at least trying to make smarter decisions. This season, Hannah has to choose between attending the super-prestigious Iowa Writers’ Workshop and her not-so rock-solid relationship with Adam. Shoshanna has to deal with her parents, who actually kind of hate her. And Marnie is still trying to make her "music career" (a.k.a the public humiliation we can’t not watch and love) a thing. So, basically, they’re all still pretending they’ve conquered adulthood, when in reality, they're actually floundering pretty hard. But hey, what 20-year old isn't? In fact, it's their screw-ups that make us love them even more (Shosh accidentally smoking crack really took her from annoying roommate to my actual favorite character, tbh).

We don’t have an exact premiere date yet, but anticipate sometime in Spring 2015. Along with the typical cry/laugh-inducing drama and beloved Lena nudity, Girls Season 4 has an amazing list of guest stars in the works, including: Gillian Jacobs, Jake Lacy, Marc Maron, and Ana Gasteyer (as Shosh’s evil mother). Watch the season preview below and get ready for a whole new set of (slightly more mature) girl-centric shenanigans.