See The Girls Season Four Artwork

peep the season four artwork and get psyched for the premiere.

The Girls girls may have come a long way since we first saw Hannah Horvath begging her parents to not cut her off, but our favorite group of 20-somethings is still floating through their post-grad lives trying to figure out (and conquer?) adulthood.

The Season 3 finale left us holding our breath: Hannah just accepted her admission offer to Iowa’s prestigious Writer’s Workshop, Marnie became the other-woman (and aspiring singer), Jessa assisted a suicide attempt, and Shoshana was an NYU failure. But the recently-released Season 4 trailer shows us that the girls may (finally) be starting to grow up and making wiser decisions. Still, we're expecting the girls' path to maturity to be filled with all kinds of awkward and hilarious relatable set-backs.

But we have to say, the girls look seriously mature in the Season 4 poster: Hannah’s chopped-up hair is now an even bob, Shosh is sans crazy headgear, Jessa’s free spirit look is more refined, and Marnie is rocking natural, laid-back waves (okay, so she's always looked like that...). There’s nowhere for the girls to go other than up—and we’re ready to see them finally make it in NYC.

We are so ready for the premiere on January 11. But until then, we're binge-watching the first three seasons. Isn't that what holiday breaks are for?