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    by · January 13, 2014

    illustration by nina cosford

    We love Girls! You love Girls! So for the entire third season we’ll be doing weekly recaps on Monday. Check back in to get our editors’ takes on what went down, plus an exclusive illustration from Girls Illustrated artist Nina Cosford. (And, of course, spoiler alert! Although you can watch both episode 1 and episode 2 right now for free.) Have you ever had just a really bad year. Like, the type that feels like one big downer...but that somehow, as you ring in the next one and feel this groundswell of hope, you realize just how important it was? You know, because you grew as a person, somehow becoming smarter and wiser in the process? (Yes, I just raised my hand too.)Well, if there’s anything we learned from the season three premiere of Girls, it’s that Hannah Horvath & Co. haven’t quite gotten to that point yet. Jessa? Rather than turning inward, she’s busy tearing down her fellow rehab-ers and continuing the same old cycle of dropping in on her friends and disrupting their lives when it best suits her. Marnie? If she’s not at rock bottom following her breakup with Charlie, she’s pretty darn close to it, putting on a fake smile while still wallowing in self pity (related: the story she tells about how they broke up--he left her the day they were planning on making pizza--was kinda hilarious). Shosh? OK, it seems like post-Ray she hasn’t just been playing the field, but also getting a lobotomy (seriously, Girls writers, what’s the deal with making her such a caricature that she’s painful to watch?). And then there’s Hannah: Still getting pulled into her friends’ dramas because, while it would be better for them if she just stayed away, it makes her feel in control so she goes headfirst into a road trip to pick up Jessa (which we find out didn’t even need to happen; it’s just that Jessa couldn’t bear to be alone, even on a flight back).Both the first and second episodes were classic Girls: They give us every reason to hate, and yet there we were watching through to the end credits. But there are hints of growth for the series as well, starting with Adam. Previously a satellite character, these episodes presented him with even more complexity than we’ve seen before. You shake your head at his selfishness--cue that scene with Hannah where he goes off on not wanting to hang out with her friends--and then are shocked when he delivers the most honest--but uplifting--“aw girl, forget him, he wasn’t anything special” speech we’ve ever heard. He punches the car stereo and later sends Shosh out of the hotel room because he can’t go to sleep without screwing, and yet doesn’t really seem to put up a fight when it comes to driving on a multi-day road trip to pick up his girlfriend’s friend from rehab. (Don’t even get us started on that epic moment between Adam, ex Shiri Appleby, and her friend--played by Amy Schumer)Have the Girls girls rebounded from the really bad year that was Season Two? It’s hard to tell--but it looks like we’re going to watch them try to get there. Keep reading in the gallery to get all of our episode superlatives (from best song to biggest WTF moment) and exclusive illustration--and check back next Monday for our take on episode 3!
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