Girls Season Three Trailer

it’s here, and it’s spectacular.

It's been eight months since the last episode of Girls aired, and we've tried to get through it with a guide to the show's New York City spots, imaginary boy characters, predictions, and even an "episode" from many seasons in the future.

But there's nothing quite like the real thing--and we're getting closer and closer to season three. Although the first two episodes don't air until January 12, 2014 (that's right, we get a double-header), HBO officially released the trailer for the upcoming season this morning. And, well, OMG. There's gravestone twerking, pool jumping, and enough Hannah-isms to fill a book. (A few of my favorites? "It's really liberating to say no to shit you hate," and, "I'm not interested in anything [my friends] have to say--that's not the point of friendship!") We've also got a few hints of what we should expect--from Hannah and Adam still clearly a thing to Shosh pining after Ray to Marnie kind-of, sort-of having a post-breakup breakdown.

But don't take our word for it--watch the trailer of season three below to get the first official glimpse of Girls.