Here’s How To Nail The Glossy Makeup Trend

Without looking like a glazed doughnut

Glossy lids, glossy lips, and glossy highlights are having a serious moment on the runway, in editorial, and on our Instagram feed. But this summer is overwhelmingly hot, and New York is especially humid right now, so we have some concerns about how to keep these dewy looks from melting off in the summer sun.

Luckily, makeup artist Sofiia Strykova has some trade secrets she’s willing to share with us. Pro tip: Your toolkit should include a setting spray, creamy products galore, and gloss, of course. Watch how to get the weatherproof glossy look of your dreams.


Shot and Edited by Charlotte Prager 

Makeup Artist: Sofiia Strykova

Hairstylist: Megan Motter