Tavi Gevinson’s New York Apartment Is Exactly How You Imagined It

that is to say, awesome

As a power editor and fledgling actress, Tavi Gevinson is living the ultimate New York existence, so it makes sense that she's got the ultimate New York apartment to go with. The 19-year-old mini-mogul let Director Barbara Anastacio into her tiny, perfectly curated apartment for an episode of My First Apartamento, a collaboration between Nowness and Apartamento magazine, and it's everthing you from the person that gave us Rookie. There are books everywhere (including a copy Marlene Maurhoff’s Sulamith Wülfing with a message from Stevie Nicks, who gave it to her), records galore, and walk-in closet befitting of someone who rose to fame as a fashion blogger.  

“It’s like a very adult thing having my own place, it feels like a fort," says Gevinson, who moved into the apartment a year ago. "What I do here and why it’s so nice to have this space is because it’s just the same as me when I was 12 in my room just listening to records and watching movies and looking at books and and reading and ‘being a kid.’ Just to be in my imagination, and sit around here and paint or do whatever, that’s why being in here is so important.”

Watch the video above.