our five favorite songs of the week!

by liza darwin and faran krentcil

Blood Red Shoes, "ADHD"

This hard-drumming London Duo has Britain on edge with their rattling, raging sound, a cross between Cherie Currie and an angry cat who's been kicked out of a warm house in winter. Play it, scream it, and feel fifteen again.

CallMeKat, "Flower in the Night"

Katrine Ottosen just appeared on NPR's "All Things Considered," and won a prestigious arts award in her native Denmark, thanks to her soulful voice, intercut with bluesy chords, fast rhythms, and a xylophone to make everything sound kind of trippy.  Yes, we just spelled "xylophone" correctly, and it was very hard.

"What you wanted," Coasting

This Brooklyn band isn't your average girl group. Composed of Fiona Campbell of Vivian Girls and Madison Farmer of Dream Diary, they're a hazy hybrid of low-fi pop, surf, and punk. Plus, their MySpace page features adorable pictures of kittens. What more do you need?

Paloma Faith, "Stone Cold Sober"

After sitting next to this British singer at the Ashish show in London, we checked out her UK hit, "Stone Cold Sober," which reminds us of "Sledgehammer" by Peter Gabriel but wailed by a hot girl. 

"Trace," Depreciation Guild

This track from the trio (featuring Pains of Being Pure at Heart drummer Kurt Feldman) is a melodic journey filled with layers of fuzzy guitars and soothing vocals. Prepare to bliss out.