good listener

our five favorite songs of the week!

by liza darwin

Motopony "Wait For Me"

This folk song begins with the sound of someone popping bubble wrap--which makes me really, really want to roll up a sheet of bubble wrap and then twist it for one epic POP (so rewarding). Motopony are purveyors of glitch-folk—a new genre as far as I know, but a good way to describe what this Seattle quartet do. Mixing electro beats and synths with traditional folk melodies and plenty of acoustic guitar, their songs sound like mashup between Iron & Wine and Air.

Polarsets "Sunshine Eyes"

There's an undeniable Two Door Cinema Club quality to these Northern England lads' synth-sparked sound--and you know how we feel about TDCC. Kitsune, who gave TDCC their break, also noticed the resemblance and will release Polarsets' debut single later this month. If there were a song to chase away the clouds (for God's sake, it's April, New York! Where's spring already?), "Sunshine Eyes" is it.

2:54 "On a Wire"

Sisters Hannah and Colette Thurlow are friends with the xx and have toured with Warpaint, and you can find similarities to both bands in their debut single "On a Wire." Smoky and moody, with echo-y vocals and buzzed out guitars, it sounds like danger.

Peter Bjorn and John "Breaker Breaker"

I think Swedes have something in their DNA that enables them to write perfect pop songs. Abba, Robyn, the Hives, the Cardigans, Ace of Base, Jose Gonzalez... I mean, come on! Peter Bjorn and John's new album GImme Song (out this week) is packed to the gills with wildly infectious tunes that manage to capture the joy and singalongability (yes, I'm making that a word) of "Young Folks" but sans whistling. Though the lyrics to "Breaker Breaker" include "I'm gonna break your arm," I can't help smiling while I sing along.

Hooray for Earth "Sails"

A full-on synth explosion, "Sails" makes us want to tight-role our jeans, tease our hair, cue up Blade Runner on the rented VCR, and pop some Bagel Bites into the oven.