Good Listener

our five favorite songs of the week!

by nylon

The Beatles - "Run for Your Life"

No, this song isn't new - in fact, it was released on Rubber Soul, the 1965 album that transposed an American blues vibe into British mod rock. ("Satisfaction" by The Rolling Stones was released the same year.)  But somehow, this howling jam about a guy who's chasing his ex-girlfriend and her new lover has been playing at every downtown hotspot in New York.  We don't know who started it, but we expect the trend to spread.  Learn the words now, act really over it later.  FARAN KRENTCIL

Fleet Foxes - "Lorelei"

This rolling come-back-to-me ballad starts ,"So, guess I got old."  But there's nothing crusty about this fun mix of guitar, harpsichord, and background choral singers that somehow sound modern.  Blast it with the windows open while you toast a bagel in the morning. FK

Bear Hands- "High Society"

The latest single from this Brooklyn quartet starts off slow, creeping up on you with increasingly fast guitars riffs until the song is ambushed by lead singer

Dylan Rau's

signature off-kilter vocals.  We first suspected these guys were on to something big with the 2010 MGMT-meets-TheeOhSees hit, "Crime Pays." However, now that their album Burning Bush Social Club had made the rounds on the internet and house parties alike, they've officially cemented a place in our weekend soundtrack.  LIZA DARWIN

Pursesnatchers- "Library Date"

Okay, so their moniker might be a little bit off-putting (their Myspace URL reads "avoidpursesnatchers"), but take one listen to this adorable ode to old romance and we're betting you'll be immediately hooked. Originally the side project of former Dirty on Purpose member Doug Martin and his wife, Savoir Adore's Annie Hart, this New York band has blossomed into a four-piece with a whole new following. You can hear more of their pretty pop sound on their debut album, A Pattern Language, when it drops in July. LD

The Lonely Island- "After Party"

Attention, fans of The Lonely Island's "I'm on a Boat" (featuring T. Pain).  Andy Samberg and his troupe of funny dudes are back in action, only this time they've brought Santigold along with them.  Dubbed "After Party," the slapstick track opens with an homage to R. Kelly, which pretty much sets the tone for the remaining two minutes.  So lose that serious face, grab a sense of humor, and get excited for the weekend. ALI HOFFMAN