stop, drop, and rock’n’roll to the best new songs of the week.

by nylon

Oh Land - "My Boxer"

Ms. Nanna Oland Fabricius's latest track bounces and jabs with silky, stylish, glitchy "chain hits my chest" insistence. After one listen, her boxer will be living in your ears as well. All. Weekend. Long. MELISSA GIANNINI

Julia Losfelt - "You Took Your Time (Mount Kimbie cover)"

Choosing an already perfectly put together track to cover doesn't usually make much sense, but with a successful rendition of Kid Cudi's "Mojo So Dope" under her belt, Parisian singer Julia Losfelt knows exactly what she's doing. We showed some love for

Mount Kimbie's "You Took Your Time" last week

, but King Krule's clean-cut South London vocals are far from our minds since hearing Losfelt's eerie, mellow version. Her intonations slur into each other, creating a chill, hazy vibe until the track's climax drops toward the end. MILLIE COTTON

Sampha - "Without"

Having collaborated with the likes of SBTRKT, Jessie Ware, and more recently Drake, producing and providing the vocals that have taken their tracks to the next level, Sampha is slowly gaining the recognition deserved of such a talented vocalist and producer. Sampha's first single "Without," taken from his forthcoming solo EP


, touches upon the subject of one-night stands and attachment with a hypnotizing melody and soft vocals that we weren't expecting from this South London artist. MC

Tree - "Demons (feat. Beat Culture & Lena Kuhn)"

In this new track from Santa Cruz's Tree, syrupy rhymes are delivered with a deliberate, indie-intellectual cadence over a meditative juxtaposition of smooth synth washes and staccato percussion, plus something that sounds like new sneakers squeaking down the length of a basketball court. Think Bright Eyes meets Flying Lotus. MG

In the Valley Below - "Peaches"

The swoony male-female vocals and swirly visuals in the lyric video for this first single off In the Valley Below's debut album has me 1) feeling a little dizzy, 2) wanting a partner to slow dance with, and 3) craving peaches. Anyone else? MG