photo by shane mccauley


good listener

your official weekend jams.

by nylon

BROODS - "Four Walls"

The New Zealand-based duo have done it again: wowed us with their lilting, ethereal melody and comforting dose of "OMG this is my life"-type sentiment. Broods' "Four Walls" is a lullaby for the work-weary soul, so sit back and let Georgia Nott's haunting vocals wash away the strain of reality. ISABEL JONES

Magic! - "Rude" (Zedd remix)

This new version of "Rude" will make you fall in love with the song all over again with its walk-down-the-street-smiling, everything-is-amazing, let's-go-HAM vibes. The Miike Snow start, the claps, the underwater echoes, the Daft Punk hints, and the slow-climb beat all build toward Zedd's climactic drop -- God, what a way to send summer out with a bang. We won't judge if you hit repeat on this one. SANAH FAROKE

The Game - "Don't Shoot" (ft. Rick Ross, 2 Chainz, Diddy, Fabolous, Wale, DJ Khaled, Swizz Beatz...)

Talk about a community coming together over injustice. You can hear the pain in every word and visualize each chilling scene depicted in this rap-star-studded collaboration that honors the memory of Michael Brown and sends a powerful message of hope for a better America. #dontshoot. SF

Tops - "Way to be Loved"

Montreal-based Tops kick off their sophomore album (out September 2 -- mark your calendars) with this slightly retro and funky track that quickly slips us into a state of romantic bliss. Jane Penny's light vocals over crystal-clear production make the track warm in all the right ways, and with a brutally cold fall quickly approaching (and if you're lucky, some romance), Tops is likely to be our go-to band these next few months. MICHAELA BIASUCCI

The Kooks - "Forgive & Forget"

Rule of thumb: Every playlist needs at least one retro-inspired tune, preferably one that transports you back to '70s London. And there isn't one more perfect than this one at the moment. YASMEEN GHARNIT