Good Listener

the five coolest songs of the week.

by nylon

Kiesza - "No Enemiesz"

Well, it's official—Kiesza is not a one-hit wonder. Riding on the back of the announcement that she's collaborated with DJ powerhouses Diplo and Skrillex, Kiesza has dropped another song for us to obsess over. The combination of '90s house vibes, cool synth beats, and catchy lyrics make this a track that we're going to be singing along to for a while. With so many hits under her belt already, we can only imagine that the album will blow our minds. AVA TUNNICLIFFE

Broncho - "Class Historian"

There's so much to like about this song and video that reads like a literal '90s interpretation of the '80s—the nonsense dah-deh-dah chorus, polo shirts, dry ice abuse, telephone cords, chewing gum—that we get the suspicious feeling we're part of some top-secret song-addiction study. MELISSA GIANNINI

Jungle Doctors - "The Sea and the Rain"

Nostalgic for summer already? Yep, so are we, but the indie-pop sunshine of this single will make anyone forget fall ever existed. Close your eyes and you're in a Jeep, riding to the beach with a surfboard strapped to the roof. SANAH FAROKE

Dirty South - "With You" feat. FMLYBND

Dirty South's "With You" holds listeners in a dream-like state, inviting us inside an intimate love story that ultimately becomes our own. We inhale every lyric drifting further into the feeling of being curled up beneath bed sheets lost in a sea of whispered sweet nothings. SF

Dillon Francis - "We Make It Bounce" feat. Major Lazer & Stylo G

EDM's resident funny man Dillon Francis has teamed up with Major Lazer & Stylo G for his latest single off his upcoming album Monkey Sucks, Friend's Rule. The song combines the synth and reggae goodness of Major Lazer with Dillon Francis's classic moombahton sounds. Once you hear this song, you'll have no choice but to bounce. AT