Good Listener

five weekend anthems.

by nylon

The Courtneys - "90210"

When you think of all-girl groups, you probably think of pop bands like Spice Girls or 3LW. These throwback musicians will always have a special place in my heart. But more and more, girl groups are coming on to the scene who kick major ass in the lo-fi beach pop category--one of my faves. The trio of girls whose jams you really can't skip out on streaming these days are those by The Courtneys. The fact that these Canadian music makers just got off of a tour opening for Tegan and Sara, plus the fact that their lead singer also plays the drums should be reason enough to start your obsession over them. But, just in case you need some more convincing, this track should do the trick. JACKIE YAEGER

Anna of the North- "Sway"

They must be spiking the water with something special over in Scandinavia, because it seems like every single jam currently blowing up the internet hails from Norway, Sweden, or Denmark. My latest obsession? Norwegian dream-pop songbird Anna of the North, whose glimmery debut single "Sway" somehow manages to straddle the line between uninhibited and restrained. It's an effortless anthem that's so easy-flowing and irresistible, you'll find yourself listening to it 10 times in a row without even realizing (which, in my opinion, is definitely a good thing). I'm determined to make it the soundtrack of my weekend, whether I'm frolicking around the city, hanging out on rooftops, or just chilling in my room. LIZA DARWIN

The The - “This is the Day”

This 1983 release by group The The (yes, the The) is the soundtrack to 1995's Empire Records' rooftop dance scene featuring '90s babe Liv Tyler wearing a plaid skirt (go watch the film if you haven’t). Listening to this in the morning can make even the most bland day seem full of promise, and you better believe I’m blasting it tonight. Never has accordion sounded so totally rad. PETER SAMUELS

Ballet School - "LUX"

With its breezy vocals and etherial marimba-synth pop combo, Berlin trio Ballet School's "LUX" is the perfect dreamy song to soundtrack this weekend's stay-up-til-sunrise sessions. YASMEEN GHARNIT

The Stationary Set - "WKNDS"

This song is catchy, danceable, and just the right amount of angsty, which in my opinion is the perfect mix. I have a lot of feelings about weekends, too, so it really speaks to me. LIZ RICCARDI