gourmet sandwiches at crumbs bake shop

Renown Chef David Burke brings his talents to Crumbs…

by Christian Lavery

We already know what Crumbs Bake Shop can do with a cupcake, so imagine what they could do if they applied some of those wizard-like skills to lunchtime with, say, some sandwiches and salads. It's happening: the heralded cupcake mavens are gearing up to do exactly that. They’ve recently teamed up with the famous chef and restaurateur David Burke to create a lunch menu and luckily for us, we were able to get a little head start at tasting the new menu. They're all pretty flavorful and let's just say that whether you plan on ordering the 'Angry Roast Beef,' the 'Chicken, Pig & Cow,' or David Burke’s 'Pastrami Salmon,' you’ll be hitting up the spot back up for round two. The new lunch creations will hit ten different east coast shops on June 18th. Just remember to save room for dessert.