Watch The New Grace Mitchell Video For “Nolo”

and thus changes the game.

As far as lyric videos go, you pretty much know what you’re going to get: Words on screen, helping those itching to post that one meaningful line to their Tumblr to get it right. Some artists treat them as a teaser to the “real” video; others make it a video in-and-of-itself—one that holds a candle to the official one.

Portland, OR native and artist-on-the-rise Grace Mitchell falls into the latter category. Her video for “Jitter” pulled inspiration from old-school music posters and was captivating as hell. (It doesn’t hurt the track was stellar, too.) Today, she follows suit with another nostalgia-driven lyric video for “NoLo.” Hold on, folks; this one’s a trip.

Mitchell tips many hats to gaming culture here. References to Nintendo, Atari, and more are scattered throughout. It’s a perfect parallel for a track about owning one’s singleness. After all, these games were typically one-person players and those brought you joy, right? Right. Like..so right. Speaking to us over email, Mitchell said, “Three awesome words that start with N: Nolo, Nostalgia, and NYLON! Coincidence? I think not.” Same.

Check it out, below! Grace Mitchell’s RACEDAY EP is available now.