12 Cute Graduation Looks That Are Actually Practical

    Diploma-ready dresses and tumble-free shoes

    by · May 09, 2016

    Graduation season is upon us. Whether you’re graduating from high school or college, this day symbolizes achievement and moving on to the next chapter of your life—which is the perfect reason to get dressed up. If for no other reason, think of all the photo opportunities that await you.

    However, commencement ceremonies tend to take place in the least heel-friendly locations—from football fields to stages with sketchy, narrow steps—so when it comes to shoes, you’ll want to wear something practical. Stilettos can sink into soggy grass (which could prove to be disastrous) and shoes without ankle support make stairs hard to navigate. Opt for stability with some added height, like wedges or block heels; the thicker the heel, the better. When it comes to the dress, you won’t be seeing it until after the ceremony, so avoid wearing anything too long that may awkwardly peek out from your gown.

    Once your diploma is in hand and caps are tossed, the gowns come off—meaning it’s time to celebrate. We rounded up the cutest dress and shoe combinations so you can look your very best (and avoid taking a tumble).

    Click through the gallery below to take a look at our picks.

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