Photo via @grimesartofficial/@irving_m_art Instagram


You Can Find Grimes’ Art In One Place Now

Art angel baby

Grimes' visuals are just as important to her body of work as her music and writing are. She has her fingers in each piece of production—right down to the single art, cover art, video direction, and more. Her Tumblr has been a solid source for her inspiration material and personal work for a minute but, as of this week, she's taken to Instagram to expand that vision.

Account @grimesartofficial is now home for her own visual work, in addition to fan art and "general grimes visual art related stuffs." At the time of publishing, the account features six images, two of which show personal tattoo designs. "man tattoos are such a healing experience" she writes under one. "[I] always hates my legs cuz of stupid scars tats and brandings from my troubled years. now i'm just stooooooked not to have to wear tights all the time." This account is shaping up to be both a visual art hub and a place for Grimes to reflect on her past, present, and future. It's practically a diary for the 21st century. Hey, if you make your own Grimes fan art, tag @grimesartofficial—you could end up in her personal archive.