Grimes Blood Diamonds Go Video

blacklights, cornrows, and adidas sandals, oh my.

by liza darwin

Dear Grimes,

Whatever you do, please don't change. We already love Claire Boucher for a million reasons—her soaring electro-pop melodies, her twisted percussion, and the fact that this is a musician who unabashedly stays true to herself—and all three of these Grimes-isms are front and center in her new video for "Go."

We first shouted out the Canadian chanteuse's collab with Blood Diamonds earlier this summer, when she dropped the track and made it downloadable for free. Now the video has arrived...and knowing Grimes, it's sort of exactly what you would expect. Get ready for tons of crazy dance moves, a couple of special effects, a glowing blacklight, and a wild aesthetic that totally meshes with the song's dubstep beat. Oh, and Grimes' signature Adidas shower slides? Yeah, they're just a bonus (and shoe inspiration, while we're at it). Watch the video below!