Watch Grimes’ New Music Video For “California”

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There's not a lot of California in Grimes' new video for her song "California." There are plenty of art things, though. Oh and she enlists a nice group of indie favs to make some cameos. It all comes together for a blissfully bright three-and-a-half minutes that doesn't need the Sunshine State to boost its cool factor.

Grimes directed the video for "California," and the track is actually a new remix of the original Art Angels song. The bounciness of the album version is traded for glittery synths and a stripped-down beat. It's still a bop, though, and a damn fun one at that. Watch out for appearances by Purity Ring's Megan James, HANA, and even Grimes' brother Mac Boucher.

"California" is the fourth Art Angels song to get the video treatment. "Flesh without Blood" and "Life in the Vivid Dream" came together for a double-feature visual feast while "Kill V. Maim" packed a Mad Max-punch. "California," on the other hand, is the refreshingly upbeat sister to them all. Check it out below.