Grimes Shares New Music Video Along With Album Release Date

it’s gonna blow your mind

Grimes has been teasing us with bits and pieces of her new music for months, but has yet to officially release anything from her upcoming project until this point. Over the weekend, she performed a handful of fresh tracks at Beach Goth, and we could barely contain ourselves. So, this morning when we randomly saw the music video for her angsty, guitar-driven pop-punk song "Flesh without Blood," we weren't sure if it was supposed to be happening or if it had fallen victim to a leak. (Once the video was taken down, we knew that it was too good to be true.)

A few minutes ago, the video officially premiered on Annie Mac's BBC Radio 1 program, and Grimes revealed that it actually contains two songs. On top of that, Grimes announced that she's dropping her album, Art Angels, on November 6 via 4AD—it's 14 tracks deep and features Janelle Monáe and Taiwanese rapper Aristophanes. Self-directed by Grimes, the "Flesh without Blood/Life in the Vivid Dream" video is split into two acts with the singer-producer playing an assortment of interesting characters. It's a lot to take in, but we love every bloody minute of it.

Act I introduces us to a cowgirl angel with cash and rose petals on her bed, and then some sort of Marie Antoinette character that likes dancing on a tennis court. Next, there's a loner punk playing video games by herself in a dank cave, and then Grimes becomes an old-school mafia leader eating spaghetti at a restaurant. Out of nowhere, the whole thing becomes a bloody mess and sets us up for even more bizarreness in Act II.

The video is creepy and weird and sort of wonderful all at the same time. There's no making sense of any of it; we need only accept that this is the Grimes we've been waiting for. Watch it all play out above.