Grimes Blows Our Minds Again In Her Latest Video

“kill v. maim”

When Claire Boucher, known to the world as Grimes, shared the first music video from her Art Angels album, we were left feeling sedated in a state of blissful confusion. It was slightly horrific, but we couldn't look away as her creative vision was vividly brought to life. Directed by Boucher and her brother Mac in Toronto, "Kill V. Maim" rolls out like a video game. Grimes cruises through a futuristic city with her grungy girl gang, switching from a transit platform to racing in a flashy convertible, then moshing at some sort of warehouse. It's Blade meets Buffy meets Mad Max...with a splash of K-pop thrown in for good measure. Interested yet?

We don't want to give too much away, but some dark angels re-emerge and then the whole scene turns into a blood fest. (Followed by Grimes demonically roaming around in a Versace sweatshirt.) Watch the hyperactive visual, above!