t-shirt of the week: guess

what to wear if you’re over “sexy costumes.”

by rebecca willa davis

WHO: Guess

WHAT: Short sleeve Feline Sexy top

WHERE: Guess stores or online for $49.99

WHY: I've never understood the whole "sexy" Halloween costume phenomenon. Whether you're dressing as Little Edie or Darrell Sheets (yes, that is my costume this year), it's always more fun to be weird than to look hot. But if I hadn't already set my sights on the Storage Wars character, I think I'd go the ironic route and wear this "Feline Sexy" (get it?!) shirt with some cat ears and tail and call it a night. It's got the pun going for it, it's got a cat reference going for it, and yes, it's got a wear-beyond-October 31 factor going for it. And subversive is always sexy.