Everything You Need To Know About The Scorpio Full Moon

Shine a light

Gather up your crystals and lay them on your windowsills, star babies, because when the moon is full in Scorpio tonight, the light will be strong and the veil will be thin. Collecting the full moon’s charge in our gems and water vessels is no new practice and many a witch reading this is more than ready, having spent the weekend scouring the house for roaming rocks and spell pouches to fill her full moon altar. Truth is, even the rookie witches and the sour skeptics amongst us will feel the Scorpio moon’s power. Mostly because a Scorpio doesn’t like to hear the word no, but also because a Scorpio moon is driven by karmic resonance and intuition. She’s in the business of getting down to the root of things whether she’s got a shovel or not. A moon like that might have you wrist-deep in dirt and feeling one with all the goddesses.

When the moon is full in Scorpio and the Sun is in Taurus, it’s a dance of polarities in the sky and in our lives. “These were the forces they had ranged against us, and these are the forces we had ranged within us,” wrote Taurus poet Adrienne Rich in her book 21 Love Poems, “within us and against us, against us and within us.” While the Sun in Taurus craves comfort and grounding—simple pleasures—the moon in Scorpio doesn’t even know what simple means! She wants to see what lies beneath the ground; she’s after depth and deep intimacy. A moon like that will have you craving more than just sex (although it can’t hurt) and more than just validation (although this is the month validation will rain down).

Instead, many of us will seek unflinching connection—to know and be known—and we will find it, for better or for worse. It’s good to remember that all intimacy is vulnerable and all vulnerabilities require risk. Under the influence of a moon like that, emotions don’t just run high, they fill and flood. The trick to riding these waves, if you don’t know, is surrender. There is a great sense of karmic reciprocity in the sky, so whatever forces have pulled you this way and that, your ego and your loyalty, your desire and your self-protection, the Scorpio full moon will dare you to trust your intuition and go all in. Listen to your heart, there’s nothing else you can do!

With a sextile to Pluto, this moon will push us to shed what drags us down, to welcome change as a chance at transformation. This is the medicine of all Scorpio symbols: the snake, the phoenix, the eagle. To shed old skin, to rise out of ashes, to seek and serve the highest good. There is a higher purpose here, a bigger sense of self. Juno, goddess of contracts, is conjunct Pluto and she will have you re-examining your commitments. For a long time now you’ve been trying to keep your word—be it a lover, a job, a project—to a self you used to be. Now is the time to claim your truth and do what needs to be done so that you may live in it. Some contracts will be redrawn and some will be burnt down. There will be an overhaul of power and hard conversations. Let Scorpio moon show you how to be walk toward change like an open door. There will be new opportunities, and there will be no small number of blessings. 

While the Sun in Taurus knows who she is, the full moon in Scorpio wants to know who she’s becoming. A moon like that will have you traversing uncharted territory, it will have you placing all bets on yourself with a high chance of return. Play it as it lays, and trust the universe to bring it on home, reader. The stars are ever in your favor.