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    What to do in Warsaw

    by · March 03, 2017
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    Many Americans go to Europe with nothing more than the London-Paris-Rome tourism circuit in mind, and while those cities are obviously great destinations for travelers, there’s so much more that Europe has to offer. And it can be nice to go to a place in which you’ll be embraced by the locals with open arms, because they’re not used to an inundation of tourists; they might even wonder why you’re there at all. All of which is to say: Consider Warsaw.

    Even with communism some 25 years in the their rear view mirror, Poland is still rapidly developing. This means that every time you visit you’re likely to find a new favorite café, bar, shop, or museum—all at wallet-friendly prices. (Favorable dollar to Polish złoty rate, FTW.) From its extensive history, to emerging future, to current culinary scene, everyone is likely to find a different reason to love the city. But here’s a few ideas to get you started; just put Brodka (aka Warsaw’s reigning pop queen) on the stereo and dig through our top picks for your next Polish vacation.

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