Gussie’s Debut Video Came To Her In A Dream

Watch “Others” here

"This wasn’t supposed to be the video at all," Gussie says of her debut visual for "Others." But after a few failed attempts at filming her dancing in abandoned malls, the concept came to her in, what she calls, "some sort of psychic message."

"Others" is the rising Caribbean-born, New York City-based artist's debut single. Aside from mixing by Joel Jerome, it's entirely produced and written by Gussie. "This the most straightforward song on my debut EP, Fountain Valley, which is coming out at the end of the summer," she says. Its chipper beat adds an element of playfulness to the cheery, romantic song. It's the type of song that'd soundtrack the honeymoon stage of a hip, youthful rom-com that may or may not have some dark comedy elements hidden up its sleeve. "I grew up in the Caribbean, and Fountain Valley is the old name of this beach that I used to go to all the time," she explains. "I found out [later] that it was actually the site of a really gruesome mass slaying. I think that’s what I want my music to sound like in general—a cute beach that’s maybe haunted." A strong aesthetic, indeed. One take of the video later and here we are! 

Get into Gussie's world below.