Gwen Stefani’s New Single is Here

that was the longest six years, ever.

The last time we heard a new single from Gwen Stefani, it was six years ago. Just think: Obama was barely in power, Blake Lively was still firmly in the Gossip Girl world, and an Instagram was just a fast way to buy pot. So the music world has been forced to replay "The Sweet Escape" (2006), "Hollaback Girl" (2005), and "Rich Girl" (2004) to get our fix of the eclectically styled blonde punk pop icon since her last hit, "Early Winter," came out in 2008.

Finally, after reliving Gwen Stefani's red carpet moments from the last six years, replaying all of our broken-in No Doubt records, and following season seven of The Voice, we've got something new from the No Doubt queen.

Off of her forthcoming third studio album, the musician has released "Baby Don't Lie," a synth-infused dance track with slow breakdowns and a chorus that's pop chart-worthy. I won't be surprised if this one makes it to the Billboard Top 10 in a matter of weeks. Especially with this crazy pop art-esque new music video.

But what you should really be excited for is the full list of tracks that will appear on Stefani's new album, because on it (if this single is any indictaion) you're bound to find your new favorite Gwen jam that could definitely last you another six years.