Watch The Music Video For Gwen Stefani’s “Misery”

This sh*t is bananas

by daniel barna

Since bursting onto the scene in the nineties as the lead singer of No Doubt and introducing the world to SoCal skater chic, Gwen Stefani has been a sartorial shape-shifter, reinventing her personal style with the same frequency that the rest of us change our bed sheets.

The music video for her new song "Misery," feels like a culmination of those chameleonic tendencies, as Stefani can be seen rocking a coterie of outré outfits as she frolics through an abandoned warehouse (she came under fire earlier this year for some questionable photos from the video's set).

The song is the third single off of her confessional comeback LP This is What The Truth Feels Like, and once again she gives her fans a window into her relationship with Blake Shelton. Ahead of her album's release, Stefani told Entertainment Weekly that she doesn't "have any secrets" and that she hasn't "done anything wrong."

"I’m happy to share my story," Stefani added. "[This] is really the only record I’ve written that’s mostly happy; all the others are about heartbreak. And there’s some of that on here—it needed that, to make the rest feel as good as it feels.”

The visual for "Misery" was helmed by Stefani's longtime collaborator Sophie Muller, and is the perfect companion to what might become her biggest hit in years. Check it out above.