Watch HAIM Dance On A Deserted Street In Their “I Want You Back” Video

‘Something to Tell You’ drops July 7

Rock bands aren't really known for their dance choreography, but HAIM’s “I Want You Back” is probably the danciest song the band has ever produced, so it makes perfect sense that the single’s new video features the sisters busting a few moves. For director Jake Schreier, it was a no-brainer. The clip was shot at the crack of dawn in Sherman Oaks, California, where Este, Danielle, and Alana grew up, and features all three strutting down a deserted Ventura Boulevard, dancing in step with the track’s catchy melody. As it builds momentum, so do their dance moves, until they’re finally having an all-out dance party right there next to the New York Bagel Cafe. 

The video follows the clip for “Right Now,” which was memorably shot in one long take by Paul Thomas Anderson. The HAIM sisters in 2017 are all about the choreography.  They’ll be playing “I Want You Back” on The Tonight Show, and we’re guessing they’ll bring some of that choreography to the live show. All of this is in lead-up to their sophomore album, Something to Tell You, which is still a couple of weeks away. That record comes out July 7, so expect to see a lot more HAIM on your internet until then. Watch the clip for “I Want You Back,” above.