from beyonce and solange to dakota and elle, girl-siblings are having a moment.

by rebecca willa davis

It's not always easy having a sister--anyone who grew up hiding their diary or arguing over makeup knows what I'm talking about--but right now it's your best bet for doing something creative. Yes, that's right: Sisters are having a moment. Putting aside all the big-name duos out there (and there are lots out there right now, from Beyonce and Solange in the music biz to Dakota and Elle on film), some of the most inspiring art comes from lady-siblings who have teamed up. Here is your guide to the sisters who are doing the coolest stuff this fall. Consider it a serious case of sisterly love.

HAIMThe Sisters: Este, Danielle, and Alana Haim The Genre: Music The Vibe: '90s R&B with an indie soul Why Now? They just released their new song "Don't Save Me" (which we totally love).

RODARTE The Sisters: Kate and Laura Mulleavy The Genre: Fashion The Vibe: Haute subversion Why Now? You know you've arrived when you start designing cups for Starbucks. (We're also big fans of their collection for Opening Ceremony.)

BLEACHEDThe Sisters: Jennifer and Jessica Clavin The Genre: Music The Vibe: Punk rock that won't make your ears bleed Why Now? After their previous band, Mika Miko, split up, they re-formed as this bad-ass duo. Catch them on the West Coast this month.

THE BRONTESThe Sisters: Charlotte and Emily The Genre: Literature The Vibe: The un-rom com Why Now? Yes, the Bronte sisters have both been dead for more than 150 years. But this fall came the movie release of Emily's Wuthering Heights, while earlier this year The Flight of Gemma Hardy--a re-telling of Charlotte's Jane Eyre--garnered rave reviews.

TEENThe Sisters: Teeny, Katherine, and Lizzie Lieberson (along with their friend Jane Herships) The Genre: Music The Vibe: Quirky psych-pop Why Now? With their debut album, In Limbo, out this fall, the band is in the midst of a coast-to-coast tour.

2:54The Sisters: Colette and Hannah Thurlow The Genre: Music The Vibe: Dreamy rock that's surprisingly hard-hitting Why Now? After releasing their debut album earlier this year, The xx selected the UK duo to open for them during their US fall tour--you can catch them tonight with another favorite sister band, Zambri, in New York City.