haks bbq sauce

Sometimes all you need is the sauce…

by Josh Madden

It’s finally time to clean off the grill that you’ve left dormant all winter, because summer is right around the corner and it’s time to get your BBQ skills back up to par.

2010 MasterChef contestant Sharone Hakman made his mark on the show when he unveiled his very own BBQ sauce, and now we know why the judges were blown away. Disclaimer: this is not your average corner store BBQ condiment. Haks BBQ sauce comes at you with a line up of chipotle bourbon, habanero pineapple, Thai chile tamarind and a smoked maple mustard.

With such an impressive line, we decided to give them a proper tasting-- and by proper we mean our very own weekend BBQ. For an honest taste we marinated wings and ribs overnight and didn’t add any other seasonings. In the morning (ok, more like 11:30 am) we fired up the grill and got to work. As all the homies arrived we didn’t tell them we were chowing these new sauces, but from the first bite they bugged out! After being thoroughly interrogated about our “secret recipes,” we revealed the secret was all Haks.

The smoked maple mustard is for those of you whole like a more mild sauce, but just because it’s mild doesn’t mean you sacrifice any flavor- we can definitely see ourselves using this for everyday dipping. As we move up the heat ladder, we come to the chipotle bourbon and the Thai chile tamarind. The chipotle closely mimics a classic BBQ flavor, and tamarind takes that classic feel and gives a more citrus kick for your taste buds-- this is a great sauce to appease the masses. Last and most definitely not least, we had the habanero pineapple, which takes the cake for our favorite. But be warned, it has a kick and isn’t for the faint at heart. With an awesome blend of sweet and spicy, we nearly ate ourselves into a wing coma.

This summer, stay on top of your BBQ game and pick up some Haks BBQ sauce HERE. And after you become everyone's new best friend, be sure to thank them on Facebook HERE and Twitter HERE.

-words by Yung Will photos by Estefanie Duque