Stop And Smell The “Flowerss” With HALFNOISE’s New Video

It’s all in bloom

Between Paramore and HALFNOISE, Zac Farro has no time to, like, kick back and smell the flowers. No matter, though. For HALFNOISE's new "Flowerss" video, he just commissioned Alex Kranzusch, the artist commonly known as Ghostpoop, to do it for him.

Farro has been a fan Kranzusch's for a minute. So, he sent him HALFNOISE's latest single, which led to Kranzusch spending lots of time walking around Brooklyn listening to it this winter. (The track's breezy vibe provides enough warmth for that.) "There is so much texture in this track, it made me think of the depth of light and color that differs [between] spring and winter," Kranzusch says. "I was inspired by late '70s American animators, like Suzan Pitt. I really love her willingness to experiment with different mediums to create and contribute to her narrative in the short film Asparagus. It was this sensibility that reminded me of Zac [Farro]'s approach to creating his art."

The result is a lush dreamscape of illustration and punchy animations that walk the line between being escapist and totally tripped-out. Wake up and catch this vibe. 

"Flowerss" is the title track off of HALFNOISE's forthcoming EP, due out May 4 via Congrats.


- May 5 in Chicago at Subterranean

- May 8 in Brooklyn at Music Hall of Williamsburg

- May 9 in Boston at Sonia’s

- May 10 in Philly at Boot & Saddle

- May 11 in DC at Songbyrd

- May 13 in Nashville at Exit In