Halley Hiatt On And On Music Video Erykah Badu Cover

erykah badu would be proud

Erykah Badu’s Grammy award winning single “On and On” is a milky-smooth R&B classic. It’s riddled with niche ideology, but at its heart, it represents a personal enlightenment; a soothing coming-to-terms with one’s place in the world. And Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter Halley Hiatt’s cover captures the tone wonderfully.

Produced by Rodney Hazard, Hiatt’s version of “On and On” crackles with New York City grit. It’s the kind of song you could get lost in while riding the subway. The video takes a cue from Lana Del Rey’s early days with its spliced-together clips of old school videos—a perfect complement to the audio. Hiatt told us, “1997 was a very influential year for me musically. I still get a lot of my inspiration from that era in R&B/Hip-hop even though it gets farther away from me. Rodney's beat took me back to the times where I'd get together with friends to just watch music videos on MTV and BET.” It’s done the same for us. Looks like we’ll be spending the day sonically traveling through 1997, too.