awesome costume ideas from…you!

by rebecca willa davis

All month long we've been giving you Halloween costume advice (from one-step beauty products, to It Girl-approved looks). But sometimes the people who know what NYLON readers want best are...NYLON readers themselves.

This weekend, we asked you to snap a photo of your Halloween costume, post it to Instagram, and add the hashtag #NYLONhalloween. And you did--like, a lot of you, with a lot of awesome costumes. From the classics (we spy a few skeletons and vampires) to costumes riffing on pop culture (yes, there were a few Mileys, along with some Spring Breakers and a Banksy piece of art), there are so many brilliant ideas that I'm starting to rethink my costume (that was me as Veronica Sawyer from Heathers, by the way).

Without further ado, I give to you the ultimate NYLON Halloween guide. Click through to see what I mean--and then keep tagging your photos; we'll be updating the gallery all week long, so you very well may see your pretty/scary/awesome face in there. And don't forget to follow us on Instagram (@nylonmag) to never miss a reader submission call-out again.

@madison_elise as a burglar

@neighbornextdoor as Frida Kahlo

@rquizzle88 as Frida Kahlo

@lex_sea as Audrey Hepburn

@ivy_t521 as Audrey Hepburn

@eirene_warhol as Dionne from Clueless

@dothefunk as Marie Antionette

@dianerutkowski as Wayne with a friend as Garth

@christinec22 as a skeleton

@britt_mahaney as a Rubik's Cube

@andysroom as a mummy

@alexismorrellfilm as Carrie

@fashion_editor_karen as Julie Newmar as Catwoman

@kathrynmichael as a Banksy painting

@alexismetko as Miley Cyrus

@kristenklauda as Edie (with Andy)

@heyyy_nikki as Madeline

@figvixen as the victims in The Birds

@juststoptalking as Marcie from Peanuts

@heyitscadah as Clarissa from Clarissa Explains It All

@treasure_girl in a Dia De Muertos costume

@universal_ugly as a scary nurse

@priscillatr as "Minnie gone rude"

@weebs36 as Heathers

@jessicaluxe as a skeleton

@zazakaboomie as a "disco death princess"

@vivalaliela as Poison Ivy

@lifeofchanel as a skeleton

@tigi202 as Miley Cyrus

@mreenie as Selena

@supergretchn as a vampire

@ashreyyy as a beer wench, with a princess and Waldo

@somethingssinister as Wednesday Addams

@adri_law as the Spring Breakers

@angeloutrageous as Mary Poppins (and yes, he's dressed up as Bert)

@verngully as Frida Kahlo

@livchamp as a literal flower child

@carli321 as Britney in the "Toxic" music video

@oldladywisehands as Alien in Spring Breakers

@bling_bling_hello as Lil Kim

@officiallyquigley as a unicorn

@zzzelina as the Grady Twins in The Shining

@lmchoi as a young Bambi

@flashesofstyle as Nancy Sinatra

@farrahrodriguez as Tinkerbell