10 Halloween Costumes Inspired By 2016's Coolest Album Covers

    That aren't 'Lemonade'

    by Hayden Manders · October 13, 2016

    Photo courtesy of Republic; Schoolboy; Chance The Rapper; Interscope; Roc Nation; Interscope; Noname; RCA Records; Columbia; Warner Bros.

    Halloweeny season approaching. What the what are y'all gonna wear?

    This year, forgo the clichés and turn your sights to 2016's coolest album covers. There are plenty and, thankfully, most of them don't require more than two items. What's more, most of the pieces can be worn again. It's an investment in your sartorial future, really. You could very well need a bondage bunny mask one day and, for that, you'll have dangerous woman Ariana Grande to thank. So go ahead and let the rest of the world be one of Beyoncé's many characters in Lemonade. But you, be like Rihanna and do your own thing, darling. Happy Halloween'ing.

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