Photographed by Ben Morris


13 last-minute halloween costumes

it’s not too late to have the coolest costume on the block.

by steff yotka

It's Halloween morning and you have nothing to wear, right? I know the story because I'm in the same boat. But instead of wallowing in my costume-less sorrow, I spent last night dreaming up every potential costume I could devise with my preexisting wardrobe. Consider this the lazy girl's guide to Halloween.

Here's how it works, if you already have that orange turtleneck, just grab some glasses and you're Velma! Or maybe you've been wearing a fuzzy blue sweater all fall long--put a red bra underneath and you're Liv Tyler in Empire Records. Oh, and obviously if you have a red and white striped shirt, just add a beanie and you're Waldo. 

Check out every costume you can create with just one easy purchase in the gallery below. And if you have to go to the store to buy some pink hair chalk to be a neon grunge goddess, don't forget to pick up some chocolate too!

IF YOU HAVE: A black fishnet top

BUY: Smashbox Fade To Black Be Legendary Lipstick -- $20

YOU'RE: Lorde

IF YOU HAVE: A leopard coat

BUY: Hue Fishnet Tights -- $13.50 for two pairs

YOU'RE: Mrs. Robinson from The Graduate

iF YOU HAVE: Denim cut-offs and black tights

BUY: Roxy Striped Sweater -- $41

YOU'RE: Our cover star Lana Del Rey!

IF YOU HAVE: A flower crown

BUY: Alii.Fuerza Dia De Los Muertos Stud Earrings -- $19.99

YOU'RE: Frida Kahlo

IF YOU HAVE: A pale blue sweater and plaid skirt

BUY: Victoria's Secret Dream Angels Demi Bra -- $52

YOU'RE: Liv Tyler in Empire Records

IF YOU HAVE: A red and white striped shirt

BUY: Red and White Striped Beanie -- $13.99

YOU'RE: Waldo

IF YOU HAVE: A sense of humor

BUY: Kigu Fox Onesie -- $39

YOU'RE: "What Does the Fox Say?"

IF YOU HAVE: A red dress and a leather jacket

BUY: BDG Cuffed Rib-Knit Beanie -- $19

YOU'RE: Spinelli from Recess

IF YOU HAVE: A chambray shirt

BUY: Urban Renewal Bandana Bow Headband -- $12

YOU'RE: Rosie the Riveter

IF YOU HAVE: A navy blue blazer

BUY: Asos Wool Beret -- $26.70

YOU'RE: Max Fisher from Rushmore

IF YOU HAVE: Pink hair

BUY: Everland Rainbow Kimono -- $52

YOU'RE: Charlotte Free

IF YOU HAVE: A men's button down

BUY: Ray-Ban Wayfarers -- $149.95

YOU'RE: Tom Cruise in Risky Business

IF YOU HAVE: An orange turtleneck

BUY: American Apparel Donna Eyeglasses - $50

YOU'RE: Velma from Scooby Doo