13 last-minute halloween costumes

    it’s not too late to have the coolest costume on the block.

    by · October 31, 2013

    Photographed by Ben Morris

    It’s Halloween morning and you have nothing to wear, right? I know the story because I’m in the same boat. But instead of wallowing in my costume-less sorrow, I spent last night dreaming up every potential costume I could devise with my preexisting wardrobe. Consider this the lazy girl’s guide to Halloween.

    Here’s how it works, if you already have that orange turtleneck, just grab some glasses and you’re Velma! Or maybe you’ve been wearing a fuzzy blue sweater all fall long--put a red bra underneath and you’re Liv Tyler in Empire Records. Oh, and obviously if you have a red and white striped shirt, just add a beanie and you’re Waldo.

    Check out every costume you can create with just one easy purchase in the gallery below. And if you have to go to the store to buy some pink hair chalk to be a neon grunge goddess, don’t forget to pick up some chocolate too!

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