hang ten gold

A classic look from a classic brand…

by Josh Madden

The year was 1960, California was the place to be, surfing was still relatively young and growing wildly popular, The Safaris were on the radio, and a company called Hang Ten from San Diego started producing board shorts. The brand, named after a maneuver where surfers walk to the front of their board and place all ten toes over the edge, was an instant hit and at $3.75 a pair they sold as fast as founders Duke Boyd and Doris Boeck could make them. As the trends have come and gone and fashion waves have ebbed and swelled (pun intended) the brand has dipped its toes in and out of pop culture water, but after 50 years the brand is back! We got a sneak peek at the new product line based on the good ol' Hang Ten standards, aptly named Hang Ten Gold, and we're stoked to see the return! Check the look book out HERE and keep refreshing that browser for the upcoming web shop to go live HERE. If you're anything like us and you just can't wait the list of shops already carrying Hang Ten are HERE.