The Musicians’ Guide To Summer Jams

Sing it out, y’all

by nylon

The Summer Jam is a necessity. It's your song to do whatever you please—dance, road trip, chill, whatever—to. Every year, many songs vie for the coveted title, but we're under the impression that summer jams should be unique and personal. After all, why would you want to have the same summer as everyone else? Find a song you vibe with and let it embody you. If you're having trouble, turn to your favorite musicians. We caught up with a slew while we were down at Hangout Fest and asked them to let us in on their ultimate warm weather tunes. Some are quintessentially summer, others are welcome surprises. Watch above and see what folks like Alessia Cara, PHASES, Brett Dennen, Tourist, Jack Novak, and more had to say—erm, sing.