The New ‘Suicide Squad’ Trailer Is The Most Harley Quinn We’ve Ever Seen

Team Harley all day, every day

The more trailers get released, the closer we are to the premiere date of Suicide Squad. (To be exact, a mere 15 days remain until we can see the flick on the silver screen.) This week, another trailer surfaced, but this one is all about the star of the show: Harley Quinn.

In this short, one-minute clip, we watch our woman of the hour kick some serious ass in an elevator. Always with a bat in hand, she can totally handle taking care of business on her own. (If only her worst crime was shoplifting straight from the window...) 

Given the length of the footage, we don't want to give too much away, but you certainly get a feel for all the personality that this gal has to offer. If there's one thing we might steal from her, though, it's those adorable pigtails and rainbow hues—you're never too old for a signature hairdo.

Margot Robbie completely smashed this role, and we expect her to be rewarded tremendously for her top-notch performance. Watch all the action in the video, below.