Hayley Kiyoko Explains How Having High Expectations For Herself Is Her Biggest Strength

And her biggest weakness

by Hafeezah Nazim

Expectations is not just the name of Hayley Kiyoko's most recent album. It's a word that defines her life.

While speaking with the singer and NYLON cover star, we found out how having high expectations for herself keeps Kiyoko going—even if, sometimes, she feels let down.

"Expectations are my biggest strength and my biggest weakness," she said. "So I set high expectations for myself every day... I feel like that's what keeps me ticking and going, and it's a good thing. But it also can be a weakness, because I'm constantly disappointed by myself. I expect so much of myself, and then I also expect so much from other people. Everyone has insecurities, and everyone's dealing with something, and so it's about sharing that love, supporting one another, and encouraging people to love themselves if maybe they're not at that place yet."

See highlights from her NYC concert in the clip, and be sure to check Kiyoko's June cover story here.


Camera: Charlotte Prager and Dani Okon

Editor: Dani Okon

Producer: Maura Gaughan