head case

cet this computer sleeve through your skull.

by faran krentcil

By now, the skull scarf by Alexander McQueen has become a ubiquitous symbol of "I don't care" cool. But unlike some other design houses, McQueen has embraced technology and turned the pattern into a different kind of sheath - one for your computer, instead of your neck.

Today, Alexander McQueen debuts their laptop case, a sturdy black sleeve covered in McQueen's trademark skulls. Made from silver, leather, and NYLON canvas, the case has a "Don't mess with me" vibe - and a price tag to match.

At $395, it's only slightly cheaper than a new Alex Wang bag... or a McQueen signature scarf. But are laptop covers the new status bags? Let's give Chanel a few more months to come out with one, and then we'll make the declaration.

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