Heartsrevolution Ride or Die

unicorns, rainbows, and your daily dose of punk-pop awesomeness.

by liza darwin

NYLON and HEARTSREVOLUTION go way back. The kind of history that stretches even before they were blowing up everyone's headphones with tracks like "Teenage Teardrops" or "Switchblade."

We first featured the New York duo what seems like forever ago in 2008, and many times since then. Within the past six years, these guys have been all over the place-- making us dance in New York, taking their moves (and trademark bejeweled Swarovski ice cream truck) to SXSW, and traveling all over the world spreading their punky electro-pop vibes. But while the pair have most certainly sharpened their skills and refined their sound over these past six years, the band's musical backbone remains the same...and we couldn't be more relieved. 

They might jump around the stage, spewing their glittery energy into the crowds at 100 miles/hr, but in the case of the group's album Ride or Die, this is total proof that slow and steady definitely wins the race. The LP has been a long time coming--they've switched record labels and suffered multiple delays-- but trust us when we say the awesome record was 100-percent worth the wait. The slick 14-song package comes overflowing with signature HEARTSREVOLUTION attitude, in-your-face percussion, and choruses so catchy you'll start shouting along before you've even learned the words. It happened to us.

We've been playing the album nonstop since it first crossed our desks a few weeks ago, and we're stoked to share it with you. Stream the entire Ride or Die LP from Kitsune below, but first--get a taste of what's to come in the new video for the explosive title track here! Consider this your daily dose of rainbow brite magic.