Photo by Sabrina Jolicoeur


Helena Deland’s Dreamy Visual Will Sweep You Off Your Feet

Watch out, “Baby”

Our latest discovery from the magical city of Montreal is Helena Deland, a singer-songwriter with the voice of an angel. Within her four-piece band, she makes what she likes to call "sincere pop," which is filled to the brim with emotion, femininity, and a touch of dreaminess. Today, we're premiering the music video for the band's latest single, "Baby."

Deland told us that the track is about "someone whose every move is captivating" and "the potentially voyeuristic feeling that a secret attraction can entail," so she wanted the video "to depict the dumbstruck fascination that certain people inspire unknowingly in specific others." The video follows a blonde guy from his quaint apartment to the quiet streets of his residential neighborhood. 

When Deland eventually makes her appearance on screen, she describes it as "exclusively creepy." Could this behavior be classified as stalking? Probably, but can you blame her for admiring him? His dance moves are unparalleled.

Since this will be enough to pull you in, be sure to check out Deland's debut EP Drawing Room. Get lost in the visual of her gorgeous soundscape, below.