hello haley

our april cover star hits newsstands!

by nylon

Today our April issue, featuring Hayley Williams on the cover, hits newsstands. Which is reason enough to celebrate--but we're so excited, we want to give you a little bonus. After you finish reading through our interview with the Paramore frontwoman, check out these extra quotes that you can only read right here. And if you missed it, we've got outtakes from the shoot here.

On keeping it real: "Bands get the tiniest taste of success and then their whole spiel from then on is, 'Oh, my life is so hard, paparazzi this and paparazzi that,' and all that is bogus to me. I was home for two years writing this record. The last thing I wanted to talk about is something that no one in the world can relate to. I want to talk about how I feel and how I don't want to get off the couch because I'm lazy. That's the stuff I relate to. There's something so nice about having sad days at home and being normal. That's what my favorite artists write about."

On getting past the band's lineup changes while writing the album: "Some days you wake up and you're just over everything, and there were really hard days where it hurt really bad and it felt like I lost friends and I lost the band that I grew up being in and knowing; everything was just falling apart in front of me. There were days where it felt like I went through a breakup, and now I have my whole life ahead of me. It's just like that. When Taylor and I were writing songs, he would be having bad days when I was having good days, and vice versa, so between the three of us, I think we just tried to lift each other up whenever whoever needed it."

On those 'going solo' rumors: "People say, 'Oh, she's going to go solo,' about me all the time, but I don't think I could do it because I feel secure as a part of something else--something more than just me. If it was just me, I'd be a nervous wreck. I think it was a real confidence booster being in the band."

On those micro-bangs: "[Hairstylist] Danilo came over one day and was like, 'I'm going to give you Rooney Mara bangs,' and I'm like 'What?' He goes, 'Have you ever seen The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo? I did that.' And I practically fainted. So I pretty much was like, 'Whatever, YOLO!' Then he just cut them, and they were so short! So short that I have to shave my hairline still! I think micro-bangs are rad. Like Fifth Element and all that stuff. It's fun."

On her beauty routine before a show: "I don't do anything with my hair at all, because no matter what I do it's going to get messed up, I whip it around so much. I used to really, really hate makeup, and then we went to Japan for the first time and I fell in love with all their crazy eyeliners and stuff. When we did Reading and Leeds, I was really into Siouxsie & The Banshees, so I took eyeliner and I drew on these crazy brows. Pretty much as long as I have eyeliner, I'm good. I don't really care about lipstick that much because I'm going to smear that."

On her faith: "It's gotten stronger. For me, personally, if it wasn't getting stronger as I was getting older, I would be doing something not right for myself. There have been a lot of people in my life who one minute I really trust with everything, and the next minute I realize that I leaned on them too much and now I'm falling apart. But with my faith and the things that I believe in, I don't have to worry about that so much. The last two years have been so hard--the hardest years, but probably my favorite years of my life--because of everything from the band to my relationship with my boyfriend. It's just been a lot of change, and it's hard. And I really leaned into my faith and my beliefs. In my life, it's always been there, even when I had a lot of doubts and anger."

On who she looks up to: "I love people that don't take life so seriously. I think that's because every now and then I have a habit of taking things too seriously. Sometimes I just worry about things that are stupid. Why worry? Things are going to happen anyway. So I have a real passion for people that are funny. Lucile Ball--I grew up watching I Love Lucy before bed and I could leave it on all day and that would be just fine. I guess the common denominator would be people who do their passion and art really well, but also have something really normal about them. I like people who are OK with being human."


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