turns out your camera can match your nail polish, too.

by ali hoffman

After a month filled with runways, trend-spotting, and way too much running in heels, we tend to feel out of the loop in regards to everything non-fashion related.

So when hearing of a new range of Lomography cameras, we were thrilled to put the clothes on hold and look through a different lens (pun intended).

But somehow, we ended up right back on the catwalk.  

Dubbed "Mid-Night Delight," the brand's new line of monochromatic cameras match the exact color palate spotted on the Spring 2012 runway.  And while this could technically be a coincidence, the four available colors-- tangerine orange, midnight blue, sunny yellow, and lime green--- are undeniably spot on.

But in the end, are we actually complaining about having an awesome neon-colored camera to match our spring wardrobe? Absolutely not.

Get them all at usa.shop.lomography.com