Get In Touch With Your Wild Side In Hey Anna’s New Video

Become one with nature

by Sadie Bell

Since their 2011 inception, Brooklyn, New York-based indie pop band

Hey Anna

has brought the sweet feeling of a hazy sea breeze to an urban landscape through their harmonious, beach-influenced sound. Last year, the band released their first-ever full-length album,

Run Koko

, a quintessential summer collection full of warm, glazed melodies and upbeat rhythms. 

In their new music video for “Island,” a track off of

Run Koko,

the band takes a charming trip to an isle in touch with nature, where its two human inhabitants embrace their wild sides. As the song begins with a wavering riff, a brother and sister emerge from the sea. Showcasing the two exploring the island’s rich greenery and facing tropical cat neighbors without fear, the video serves as the perfect embodiment of the song’s tribal percussion beat and gentle, innocent sound.  

In an email, the band told us that the song and its video are inspired by the jungle and the wild within. Though embracing the untamed may first prove to be frightening, as the two island inhabitants lose themselves in nature and the “Island” swirls in romantic harmonies, it is revealed there is nothing more harmonious than becoming one with the outside world. 

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Watch the entire video, above.